Our training in Germany

Let's sum up our trip to Germany!

We spent five days in Munich, visited three leading landscape companies in Bavaria, such as May Landschaftsbau, Gaissmaier Landschaftsbau, Schleitzer, as well as the educational center DEULA Bayern GmbH.

Every day at us began with historical excursions in development and formation of the landscape company. Already at this stage, we understood that landscape design as a culture in our country is in its infancy. All three companies were founded later than 1965 and are already in their third generation. Not only do the people who work and run these companies see their activities as a way of earning money, but they do it quite successfully - the smallest landscape office generates a turnover of 4 million euros a year, but also as a way to develop and pass on their business and skills to future professionals. Each company has its own landscape school, where students study and practice. This is followed by employment with the same or other companies. Here we see a direct interest in training real specialists in their field. Next, the stories flowed smoothly into the analysis of the company's structure and its key priorities in the market. And here, too, there is a lot of interesting things. On three examples, we saw that there is no unambiguous "successful" direction in marketing and the way to attract customers. It's a bit extreme. From full immersion in tenders to maximum specialization on a private customer. And the third stage of each day was a detailed analysis of the technology of this or that construction. Three main topics - paving, paving, retaining walls. Here we came off to the full!

We did not let go and tormented our translator and specialists until we received the necessary information and secrets of technology, we were just running away from us, because we wanted more and more!) And on the final day, our delegation at the Ministry of Agriculture of Bavaria met with the Chief Adviser for International Relations of the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, Martin Schultz, with whom we discussed the interaction between our countries in the field of landscape construction and plans for future meetings in Russia. And we put a point in this training in one of Munich's breweries and a trip to Neuschwanstein castle, where we were able to fly our drone and take a wonderful photo from a height!)

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