Greening with unpretentious plants from our own nursery
with survival rate of 98%

We will choose plants from our own nursery individually for yoursite,
taking into account climatic features and types of soil,
with a guarantee of 1 year

Сalculate the cost of landscaping

Complex greening of a site in Moscow and Moscow Region

If you have been dreaming about transforming your plot for a long time: laying a lawn, planting flower beds or a large orchard, then our team with 30 years of experience will help you select and plant suitable plants from our own nursery. We select materials based not only on your preferences, but also considering the composition of the soil and the local climate. Therefore, we give a guarantee of longevity of 1 year on our works.

We are one of the best landscaping teams in Moscow. We provide a full range of services from creating a concept and a project to carrying out all engineering and technical works

A guarantee of 1 year for the survival of plants from our own nursery numbering more than 5000 species. We select perennial unpretentious plants that do not require complex care, which will please your family for more than one generation.

All plants we take from our own nursery with a survival rate of 98%
Aerial photography helps to design a general view of the site
Specialist consultation. It will help to determine the style of the future project and draw up preliminary tasks

Transform your garden with an unpretentious lawn, a bright flower bed or fruit trees

Planting decorative / fruit plants, lawn arrangement, flower beds and rock gardens, hedges, etc.
Plant survival rate 98%

Lawn roll with soil replacement

from 6€ / m²

Sowing lawn with soil replacement

from 6€ / m²


from 20% of the plant cost

Creating flower beds

from 20€ / m²

Transplanting plants

from 12.5 € / pcs

Care and maintenance

from 12.5 € / pcs

Leveling and Terracing

And also installing the retaining walls from monolithic structures, rubble masonryfrom 50 rub./ m²

~ 1 € / m²

Installation of drainage and storm systems

Installation of water disposal in the area,installation of drainage and storm systems

from 8 € / mpg

Platforms and paths

Paving with paving slabs, clinker pavers, natural stone, paths, platforms, blind areas, parking

from 15 € / m²


Providing beautiful lighting to the site is now very easy

~ 650 € / plot

Auto watering

Setting th auto watering on the site,and other engineering solutions

~ 1500 € / plot

Lawn installation

Sowing, roll, lawn for sports grounds

~ 5 € / m²


Planting trees, shrubs and flowers. Creating landscape compositions

from 20% of planting material cost


Waterfalls, cascades, streams, ponds, fountains

~ 400 €

Rock gardens and flower gardens

And also rosaries, dry streams, rockeries

from 65 € / m² with materials

Base project

Presentation of country site concept of the development, reflects the wishes of the customer and all the ideas of a landscape architect on a scale.

~ 620 €


A standard design project is an instruction for embodyment ideas and concepts of a landscape architect on a country site

~ 1150 €

3ds Max Visualization

High-quality representation of landscape architect's ideas in 3D graphics, as close as possible to reality

~ 20 € /100 m²

Engineering Systems Project

Autowatering, Drainage, storm sewer, working drawing of landscape lighting

~8 € /100 m²

Vertical layout

Cartogram of earth masses, vertical layout

from 20 € /100 m²

Detailed elaboration of individual landscape elements

from 12 € /100 m²

Pond without cascades and overflows, stream

from 90 €

Overflow pond,

from 120 €

Pond with waterfall

Multilevel cascades, bioplato, design of the coastline with a width of half a meter

from 200 €

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Our own nursery is a big advantage

In 2000, we opened our nursery near the city of Istra with an area of ​​4 hectares. Now there are grown 5,000 plants of various varieties: from fruit trees to rare species of flowers and ornamental shrubs. Part of the green collection from the Michurinsky Garden and the famous Timiryazev Academy, these are very valuable, and most importantly, plant varieties adapted to the local climate. That is why the survival rate of our landings is 98%, which allows us to give a guarantee of longevity of 1 year. You can also come to the nursery and choose your favorite planting material for your site.

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Need help or recommendation?

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